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Adios, Auto, for real this time!

So the old car is finally gone, with a happy ending to the whole story.

Yesterday, a bunch of folks (thanks again!) helped shove the Volvo out of the garage; today, I got Tow Truck Guy to pick it up at last; he didn't show up yesterday. The original deal with $WRECKER_1 was that I would get $50 for it, but while Tow Truck Guy was hooking up, Random Guy saw us and said that his buddy $WRECKER_2 would want to take it, and could beat $WRECKER_1's offer; Tow Truck Guy was skeptical, citing his expenses, but I smelled a deal, so we waited for $WRECKER_2 to arrive. Sadly, $WRECKER_1 is closed Sundays, so he couldn't counteroffer, but $WRECKER_2 offered $100 to me and I asked for $50 more for Tow Truck Guy to cover his expenses (he'd had to come here twice, etc., etc.), so everybody came out ahead except $WRECKER_1, who made the mistake of lowballing his bid!
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