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A little more music...

From DJ Neuron:
  • dZihan & Kamien--Fakes: The two discs which make up this album. CD2 is a bit easier to describe: Jazz. Piano, trumpet, sax, bass, drums. (The performaces on CD2 are actually by The Brut Imperial Orchestra.) Slowly, I'm getting into "real jazz," but it's not all the way there yet. CD1 is a bit tougher to explain: it's music looking for a martini lounge. Cool, funky, echoes of influence from the Mid-East and India, it's what gives the album its title: the tracks are all covers/remixes (it gets blurry). It's hard to explain that center-west European sound (Austria, Germany, Switzerland etc.) of cool, but this is it. CD1 is more my style, but I'm glad to have CD2 as well: my ears get sharper as I listen to this stuff.
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