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Bulk order finals

The bulk order is in; here are final numbers for y'all:

jagash, I owe you $6.47; frenchzie, I owe you $6.44.

notsoholygrail, you owe me $163.57 for:
Junta ($48)
Settlers ($42)
Settlers 5-6p exp ($22)
Diplomacy ($36)
Dominion ($45)

zenten, you owe me $19.69 for:
Exalted: The Book of Sorcery v.4 ($25)

ancalagon_tb, you owe me $47.25 for:
Rogue Trader Core Rules ($60)

beable, you owe me $70.34 for:
Fearsome Floors ($38)
Dominion ($45)

gabriel_le, you owe me $33.05 for:
Fearsome Floors ($39)
When copies of a game come in at different prices, my standard practice is to give the lower-priced copy to the first buyer.

black_cat11, you owe me $25.43 for:
Carcassonne ($30)

Between us, we had a sticker total of $1,305; in a pinch, we could probably do our own bulk order.
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