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Beer tasting last night

My orders:
Toernichoise Fumée--A very fine light (!) smoked beer, lots of flavour.
Malheur 10--A definitive abbey ale, complex and well-balanced.
Balthazar--A very fun beer, lots of interesting spices and tastes... immensely carbonated, it just about filled 2 glasses with foam when it was opened.
Blanche de Laval--An excellent wheat beer, better (imnsho) than either Blanche de Chambly or Hoegaarden; I wish I'd started with it, since it was following some stronger, heavier beers.

blinkus2000's orders:
Rogue XS Imperial Stout
Rogue Chipolte Ale--Nice on the chipotle, with a pleasant heat that comes in slowly; too bad the beer itself isn't anything special.
La Vache Folle Milk Stout
Route des Indes--A fine IPA, not to be confused with Keith's "IPA", which is just an ordinary lager with a marketing gimmick.
Delirium Nocturnum--Hillarious pink elephants on the bottle, and even little ones on the glass... nice beer, too, although I don't remember it as well.
La Bête Noire

scubajim and C____ were mostly drinking lambics, which are fascinating but mostly not my thing...

There was an excellent Flemish sour ale called Duchesse de Bourgogne that I could only describe as beer for red wine lovers; it is apparently called "The Burgundy of Belgium."

ETA: This post has a full list, I think.

By the way, for those not in the know, this all happened at Bistro l'Autre Œil. Now that's a beer menu!
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