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CanGames next weekend

I'm running 3 different games this year!

RoboRally: I should drop by the Carleton Strategy Club and grab the other RR miniatures, but aside from that, there's not much to worry about. If I don't, I may try to find last-minute alternate minis!

Dominion: Lots of planning still to do to get cardsets selected... I have a few good ones saved up, but need a few more. Also, it is surprisingly hard to find a way to approximate round-robin for multiplayer games.

Bolide: The track is printed, but I have much gluing to do. Also, I'm looking for someone to help run time trials (i.e., single-player short-loop runs) at CanGames for a little while Sunday afternoon (next weekend, not tomorrow), from 1:00 to at the latest 2:30. Let me know if you're willing and available! I don't think you would have to pay anything to help me out in this, since you're not trying to sign up for any games; still, I'll clear it with the ConCom when I get there.
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