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Fickle fortune

Well, the poker night went well.

There was a pretty amazing hand towards the end of the Hold 'Em tournament. It happened right after a player was eliminated, leaving J. and myself still in the game, with J. having a pretty big chip lead (I could barely match the big blind, since we double the blinds and minimums after each person drops out). It was a pretty exhilirating ride at the time.

I put in the little blind.
J. put in the big blind.
Cards were dealt, and after looking at mine, I went all in.
J. called, adding about as much as the small blind was.
Our cards were then turned face-up:

Me: A-A
J: 6-2 (not in suit)

Things were, shall we say, looking good for our hero at this point!

The flop was then brought out:

10; and

6 (no suited cards).

Well, that was pretty unlikely... we went from A-A vs. 6-2 to A-A-10-6-2 vs. 6-6-2-2-10. So much for me having the edge!

The turn card was a Q, which didn't help anyone.

Then, on the river card: a 10!

It turned out that the aces were the Stuff after all: I won with two pairs, A-A-10-10-Q vs. 10-10-6-6-Q!

J. still won the tournament, cleaning me out after a couple more hands of me trying to crawl back up, but I at least kept my honor, and the runner-up money.
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