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Weekend: eventful!

Saturday: Anniversary celebrations wif my love soul_diaspora... 11 years happily married, and it's just a good start! \o/

Savoured a kind of dessert wine that I think will be a success with many of my regular readers... trockenbeerenauslese, the result of noble rot. It's not cheap (pricier than single malts on average by volume), but it's nice stuff.

Sunday: Relaxing after weeks of resume updating (anyone looking for a technical analyst, designer and team leader?), CanGames stuff, family stuff. Went to church and...

Whaddayamean I'm preaching next week?! No, I didn't get the e-mail... they sent it to my old account I guess.

Well, crap.

*researchresearchresearch* *writewritewrite*

I has a draft. I will edit it on Saturday morning. Y'all will see it when it's done.

Less than 3 weeks until vacation departure... I'm looking forward to the break for sure!

Dare I try to squeeze in a games day this coming Sunday afternoon?
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