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My mother-in-law is in town, and so my wife and I are spending some time trotting about town with her, going out for dinners, etc. Fortunately, we get along quite well, and she's quite okay with the fact that I have to spend time here at the office, not having piled up tons of vacation time yet.

It's kind of nice to do this stuff, especially since I do have some time coming to me for working overtime last week, especially Monday. A week is a good duration... there is, after all, only so much going out that I want to do at a time.

Aikido again tonight... Friday's class went quite well, but I won't be doing much rolling over that left shoulder for a whilie, and sudden movements aren't good. Gently, gently...

Tuesday, I'll still be playing in ms_danson's game, since missing two sessions in a row would be a bit rough.
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