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Bulk Order: An important message from your sponsors

Bulk Order Rule Number 1: Don't Piss Off The Guys At Fandom II.

I should have made this clear at the outset, so my bad. All the things are to go through me. Don't call Fandom II and ask to put things on the bulk order or whether things are in for it, etc. The only person who deals with the bulk order, as far as they are concerned, isn't even me, it's ranisilath. Rule Number 2 is don't annoy him either: it all goes through me to him. (Breaking Rule Number 1 automatically breaks Rule Number 2, too.) Yes, you can call and ask if they have something in stock and how much it is, and you can go there and browse, but do not try to add anything to the order or look at what's already on it. It's not your order, and frankly, what we're doing is skating on the edge of their intent, so don't push our collective luck. ETA: In other words, don't rub their noses in this business of folks ordering through friends; ask about the games, and don't mention the bulk order. And finally, don't piss me off. Giving me a bad name with any of these folks will do that fast.

Okay, on to brighter subjects... we're now pretty assured of the 25% discount, assuming that everyone plays by the aforementioned rules.

Dominion: Prosperity is in, although not all the ordered copies are in yet; if the others don't come in, I may decide that I don't need that much Dominion after all and let someone else take mine. Otherwise, it's first come, first served. The print run may not be adequate to fill all the demand... we'll see what happens. With 7 copies just for my crew though, I think I've figured out why this one is called "Prosperity"!

Details to follow in a forthcoming post!
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