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Penultimate bulk order update

Pickup is this Friday... think about how to swap money for your games!

Italics: requested, not in box
Bold: edited to add
Strikethrough: removed from order

ironphoenix: $163.96
$22 Prolix
$54 Space Alert
$17 Nile
$54 Carson City
$50 Dresden Files RPG Book 1: Your Story
Dominion: Prosperity

dagibbs: $87.29
$49 Endeavor
$54 Brass
Le Havre

iclysdale and family: $35.60 (I'm sure we can arrange to hand this off at coffee or suchlike.)
$42 Dominion
Dominion: Prosperity

frenchzie: $118.65 I'm sure we'll see each other soon, or we can transfer through dagibbs.)
$42 Dominion
$32 Red Dragon Inn
$66 Agricola

jagash: $45.72 (Next time we're at zenten's game would work.)
$27 Dominion: Alchemy
$29 WW Mage Chronicler's Guide
WW Mirrors
Dominion: Prosperity

waterspyder and zenten: $40.68 (Next time I'm at the game is fine.)
$48 Betrayal at House on the Hill
Nobilis 3rd Ed.

gabriel_le: %58.48 (I hope to be able to stop by on Sunday!)
$27 Dominion: Alchemy
$42 Dominion: Intrigue

beable: $41.53 (Transfer through dagibbs may be expedient, depending on schedules.)
$49 Betrayal at House on the Hill

mnv_iii: $77.12
$23 Magical Athlete
$40 The Speicherstadt
$28 To Court The King
Chicago Express
Diamonds Club

Thunderstone – Doomgate Legion (AEG)
$42 Dominion

writer_gal_007: $16.95 (I suggest we arrange the transfer through mnv_iii!)
$20 BattleLine

black_cat11: $77.12 (Christmastime is fine!)
$42 Dominion
$49 Betrayal at House on the Hill

ancalagon_tb: $0
WH40K RPG: Deathwatch (available for $54 sticker; let me know!)
WH40K RPG: Rogue Trader: Into the Storm
WH FRP: Tome of Corruption

blinkus2000: $30.51
$36 Gamma World 2010

green_ogre: $22.88 (I suggest we arrange the transfer through ilanikhan!)
$27 Dominion: Alchemy
Dominion: Prosperity
Last Night on Earth

feli_valkyria: $41.53 (I suggest we arrange the transfer through cristofcanada!)
$49 Betrayal at House on the Hill
Cthulhu plushie
Clue Card Game

cristofcanada: $39.38 (Next Tuesday is fine.)
$50 Dresden Files RPG Book 1: Your Story

P.B.: $0
Himalaya (Tilsit)

Steve: $19.49
$23 Catan Dice Game

W.L.: $156.58
$36 Battletech Technical Readout 3085
$24 Battletech Hexpack: Lakes and Rivers
$39 Battletech Classic TechManual (Hardcover) Catalyst 35002
$98 Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook (total for 2 copies)
$19 D&D Master Tile Set: City Tiles
Descent: The Well of Darkness
D&D Master Tile Set: Dungeon Tiles

E.M.: $0
Wizard (3 copies)

V.S.: $0
Betrayal at House on the Hill
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