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More music...

While the server is down...

I recently acquired some discs from DJ Neuron. 7 3-CD compilations of exotic-flavored chill stuff from Bar de Lune:
  • African Chill

  • Arabic Beats

  • Arabic Chillout

  • Asian Lounge

  • Bedouin Cafe

  • Brazilica Lounge

  • Punjabi Lounge

I usually spend about 2/3 of my time at Ravenswing spinning this kind of stuff... mellow, but not too soporific. About one in 4 tracks is really killer on these, and at $10 a set, I can't go too far wrong.

I did turn down a couple of offers though: Oriental Lounge was a bit too purely meditative, and Aboriginal Beats was, well... I don't want 3 hours of didgeridoo, thanks. Really. (Okay, it's not just didgeridoo, but there's one going in the background even when it isn't the lead instrument. In every single track.)
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