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Well, yesterday's music event went well... ms_danson, dracodraconis and KE came by, and JS sent a few files even though he couldn't make it. Lots of music (some good, some crazy, some both), a bit of conversation, and a good Thai dinner.

Some tracks were mixed, others were just thrown together: this wasn't a "set" in any dj'ing sense, although some of the transitions were good.

Key: MB is me, CD are ms_danson and dracodraconis, KE and JS are themselves.

MB Scissor Sisters--It Can't Come Quickly Enough
CD Neurotic Fish--The Bomb
MB Varttina--Mierontie/Path of the Outcast
JS Groove Armada--Hands of Time
CD Tea Party--Wishing You Would Stay
MB Nova Nova--La Chanson de Roland
CD The Nylons--Remember (Walking in the Sand)
JS Mum--Green Grass of Tunnel
MB Niyaz--Allahi Allah
CD The Kills--Fry My Little Brains
MB Infusion--Better World
CD Neurotic Fish--They're Coming to Take Me Away Ha Haa
MB iio--At The End (Scumfrog Remix)
CD Gravity Kills--Guilty (Juno Reactor Mix)
MB Deep Dish--Flashdance (Original Club Mix) (UK Radio Version)
CD Matchbox 20--I Don't Want Nobody
MB Mother's Pride--Nightflight
KE Infected Mushroom--Muse
JS Handsome Boy Modeling School feat. Cat Power--I've Been Thinking
CD Massive Attack--Inertia Creeps
MB Morcheeba--A Well-Deserved Break
KE Jack Johnson--Banana Pancakes
CD Big Sugar--All Hell for a Basement
MB DJ Tiesto--Battleship Grey
KE Shpongle--When Shall I Be Free?
MB Joi--Asian Vibes
CD Gravity Kills--Blame
KE Refused--The Shape of Punk to Come
MB Chumbawamba--Mary, Mary
CD The Arrogant Worms--Losing Hair Under God
KE Violent Femmes--Gone Daddy Gone
MB Laptop--Greatest Hits
CD Hawksley Workman--Striptease
CD Hawksley Workman--Jealous of Your Cigarette
KE Finger Eleven--Absent Elements
MB LHB--Olivia Newton Christ
CD Holly McNarland--Water
JS Paul Weller and Portishead--Wild Wood
KE Jewel--Pieces of You
MB Nina Simone--Feeling Good
CD Hawksley Workman--Dirty and True
JS Suzanne Vega--Tom's Diner [remix?]
MB Peeping Tom--Les Choses Sont...
CD Neurotic Fish--I Never Chose You
KE BT--Godspeed
MB Resistance D--Feel High
CD Gravity Kills--Enough (Critter's Carnal Mix)
MB Enigma--Turn Around (Northern Lights Club Mix)
KE Sasha--Expander (Edit)
CD Neurotic Fish--you're the Fool
MB Depeche Mode--Walking In My Shoes (Random Carpet Mix)
KE Ministry--Jesus Built My Hot Rod
CD Sister Machine Gun--Burn
MB Lionrock--Packet of Peace (Prankster Sound System Mix)
KE Nine Inch Nails--Sin
CD Gravity Kills--Suffocate
MB Orbital--Lush 3-3 (Underworld)
KE Rammstein--Sehnsucht
KE Tool--Die Eier von Satan
KE Tool--Third Eye (MB's unreleased fuckup edit)
MB Moby feat. Gwen Stefani--South Side (Hybrid Dishing Pump Remix)
KE Eminem--As the World Turns
KE Run DMC--Tricky
MB Lazyboy TV--Underwear Goes Inside the Pants
KE AFI--Silver and Cold
CD David Usher--Devil by my Side
MB iio--Rapture (Soulside Mix)
CD Godsmack--Spiral
KE Tool--Wings for Marie Part 1
CD The Arrogant Worms--Rippy the Gator
MB Radio Free Vestibule--You're a Hamburger
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