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Well, for those who haven't heard, I dj'ed last night at Saturnalia, a shindig organized by hexpiritus's small press Nekusis.

Despite equipment confusion before the event, everything came together just fine in the end thanks to DJ Neuron's generous loand of an amp and pair of speakers. dirtybunny spun a set in the middle, and I had the opening and closing spots.

It was tons of fun! This is the kind of thing that makes me want to DJ more often for bigger crowds... the energy was warm (at a goth event, yet?!), and the flavour was of people kicking back and unselfconsciously having a good time together.

Surprisingly, the music I was playing seemed to go over at least as well with the Avant-Garde Bar staff and regulars as with the Saturnalia attendees... I'll be contacting them soon about the possibility doing at least occasional gigs there. It did startle me to have two young ladies catch me outside as I was taking down my stuff and start talking to me animatedly in Russian... seems my playing Hybrid's Altitude (Red Square Reprise) to close out the night (as well as assorted dark East European trance tracks) gave them the idea that I spoke the language. In truth, I knew the moment I first went into the place that that would be either my first or my last track for a set: the constructionist kitch of the place just screamed for it.

Thanks much to hexpiritus and queenie_writes for organizing the whole thing and thinking to invite me!
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