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Interesting lecture

Michael Kimmel at Dartmouth (1h28m). I don't usually watch, let alone repost, all of long videos; this one is worth it. He addresses two things, and links them; I think each one is worth hearing about, even if I'm not sure I agree with his attempt to make them All One Thing. The two things are: a proposed new phase of human cultural development between adolescence and adulthood, based on cultural practice in the (North)Western world; and markers and rituals of masculinity and their relation to the changes in women's gender.

The first part gets into the question, "why are twentysomethings not acting like 'grown-ups'?" His answers are worth considering.

As to the second part, for those who were asking that famous question, "But what about the men?", this is a pretty good answer. He doesn't ignore women by any means, but there is a really solid treatment of masculinity here.

I'm not sure I buy his attempt to link these two things as closely as he does; I think his fieldwork among the sports teams, fraternities, and sororities of US colleges may have slanted his views a bit there. Still, I think it's a video well worth the considerable time investment.

[Note: there's about a 5-minute intro before Michael comes on.]
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