ironphoenix (ironphoenix) wrote,

Seminar weekend

The kenjutsu seminar was about as intense as expected, with lots of fine-tuning of things we knew, and also 3 katas (traditional scripted sequences) new to me, 2 with shinai (split bamboo sticks wrapped in leather, designed to allow safe impact) and one with jo (a stick about 4 feet long; in aikido, we use a hardwood one, but for kenjutsu, it's made of bamboo and is thus whippier). The visiting instructor is extremely clear, giving specific tips addressing many of the difficulties I and others were struggling with. The jo techniques are especially tricky to practice safely, since it's often wielded one-handed in broad, whipping sweeps and spins; still, we managed to get through the weekend without injuries.

Tonight and tomorrow will likely be my last martial arts classes before leaving for Costa Rica... by then, I think my body will appreciate the rest!
Tags: kenjutsu
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