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New Music

A few more CDs this weekend:
  • «rinôçérôse»--music kills me: French chillout, with elements of St. Germain and Lemon Jelly. Funky in spots, but not all the way over into Paris house, which I find a bit too cold. Good variety of instrumentation and feel, so it doesn't bore easily; on the other hand, it doesn't exactly jump out and bite you. Great backgrounding.

  • Tantra Lounge--Volume 2: More Exotic Electronica: Eastern new "world beat" music with a bit more "world" than "beat" but not to the point of being ambient. Some excellent tracks, but the mixing is sometimes a bit dicey, with key mismatches being jarring in a couple of spots. A very nice tabla mix of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Jhoole Jhoole Lal is probably my favorite track of the bunch.

  • The Sound of Young New York: Now we get the funky house. The disc starts off with a remix of the title track from the «rinôçérôse» mentioned above, and stays good. My favorite track is probably Star Spangled Banner by Mr Negative. Overall, the disc is warm and varied, not just "thump-tssh-thump-tssh-thump-tssh" with people noodling aimlessly and dropping samples in the background.

  • Halou--Wiser: Downtempo. Some would say it's trip hop, but the beat is gentler in this disc than in We Only Love You, where the rhythm sometimes gets close to D 'n B, although the vocals are still chilled. Music for a rainy November.
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