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I just recently finished Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett, and while I enjoyed it, I have some reservations about it.

Pratchett's first Discworld novel, The Colour of Magic, was a hillarious send-up of pulp fantasy classics. As the years have gone on, and the heap of Discworld books has towered ever higher, Pratchett has gotten less completely light-hearted, and Monstrous Regiment continues this trend. I don't object to this in and of itself, but I find he can become a bit heavy-handed in the occasional paragraph of editorial commentary.

Having served for a couple of years in the CF Comms Reserve, I appreciate the spoofing of military life and the relationship between officers and NCMs. Things get a bit far-fetched around the relationship between men and women, and while this is done for comedic effect, I found that it stretched a bit thin towards the end of the book. A major plus (or at least a lieutenant or captain plus) of this book was that he introduced a group of new characters to the world. His established characters tend to become somewhat like set-pieces in my view, and without new players, the action can be a bit too predictable.

Before closing, a word of warning to potential readers: this book touches on the theme of child abuse.

Despite its failings, Monstrous Regiment is still a fun book, and one which makes some trenchant obervations along the way.
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