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The old green mare

The Volvo was cheap to get, but maintaining it is teh bitch. Surprise surprise, parts for a '94 import are hard to find and expen$ive.
  • Headlight replacement: not too bad: $20 parts, $20 labour; done and done.
  • Backing light cover: they would have to replace the whole housing. $240 part, $30 labour; let's see if I can find that part cheaper, hmm?
  • Driver's seat warmer: $200 parts + $300 labour. Thanks, I'll keep my butt warm some other way.
  • Driver's window (slow): Egads... $790 part, $150 labour. Not gonna happen!

[edit: online quotes for the window part are much better: $174 US, for about 75% off, but the housing is just half-price at $119 US.]
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