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Big day tomorrow

Well, the project that I'm working on at my job hits the first major product milestone tomorrow, if all goes as planned: I ran the mission control go/no-go meeting today, and everybody gave thumbs-ups. It's kind of exhilirating: tomorrow, it becomes real, and does what it's meant to do for the first time. It's like the very first test flight of a new aircraft, and it's really my first time being the guy at the big board on something like that. My startup's product never got to this stage, sadly.

(No, I can't post publicly what the product is, because we aren't letting that news out yet!)

I'm sure there will be snags, but I'm pretty confident that the bird will fly. Not for long, perhaps, but enough to prove the point. I'm rather looking forward to sending the e-mail to everyone in the company announcing the good news: we're pregnant! In xx months, we're going to have another product!

And so to sleep... next update will probably be Wednesday, after the main event. (This, by the way, is also why I haven't been posting much lately. Product management coming up to milestones like this is hectic!)
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