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It worked! Yes, I know this is coming out late; the delay is in me posting, not in the test being successful. Over half the company came by to see it, all the way up to the co-presidents. People are starting to believe that it'll be a real product, me included.

The surprising thing was really that there weren't any surprises. The only problems that arose were a matter of a connector not being tightened quite enough (mea culpa!) and things we already knew to expect.

As for why I haven't posted before this, I've been busy at work with pushing hard towards the next stage, and over the weekend with Easter Triduum services and family gatherings, and with creating a character for ms_danson's role-playing game. I also got my performance and salary reviews last week, and was much happier with one than the other; more than that, I won't say here.

Every Easter is different for me; this year, I served in some liturgical capacity on all three days. Last year, I preached at the Vigil; in previous years, I simply participated as a member of the congregation or served on one or another day; one year, I fasted for the duration (from Eucharist on Maundy Thursday to Eucharist at the Easter Vigil on Saturday night). That last was a year that soul_diaspora was away at Easter: fasting, for me, calls for solitude.

The role-playing character needs some finishing touches, as is unavoidable in a carefully-constructed campaign, but is mostly complete. Building a mage in the HERO system in a weekend is a not inconsiderable accomplishment, I think! The character sheet isn't online, but I also wrote some longer-than-usual backstory, which is posted here in the game lj, ratcatchers. Yes, I've tried to write something approximating fiction, in dialogue no less; expect rains of frogs soon. The character was inspired somewhat by a song on a CD that I got recently (sorry, no "New Music" posts lately, too busy!) by Cheb Mami and K-Mel called Parisien du nord ("North Parisian"), about the situation of North Africans living in the Paris suburban ghettos.
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