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Games, games, games!

C'mon over for boardgames next Saturday, starting around 1 p.m.; rsvp, give an ETA if you expect to arrive later than 1:30, bring along anything you think we'd like to play.

Also, the bulk order is moving ahead nicely; we're past $1000 already, and looking to make $2000 in order to boost the discount from 20 to 25%. If there's anything you're thinking to get from Fandom II, add it to the order by telling me!

And finally, I'm thinking of doing a Magic the Gathering teaching session. A few attempts have shown that it's not an easy game to learn just by taking a deck and running, but there are a few folks who have said that they would like to give it a try. I've put together some simplified decks, and kits which introduce successive layers of rules and strategic elements, so if a few of you are interested in learning (I think 4 is probably my maximum), here's your chance! Once I have an idea who's interested, we'll try to schedule it conveniently for all concerned.
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