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Well, Christmas is upon us, and I'm mostly doing okay. Work has been frustrating, with changes of direction coming fast and furious, and long days being a constant feature. Life outside that is going well, with most of the shopping done and a relatively quiet Christmas season ahead.

Work, gaming, aikido, church... life is settling into a routine. I'm not sure whether or not that's a good thing... remind me to come back to that question this spring, once I've had a chance to see where it takes me.

In other news, I have my schedule for homilies for the first part of next year... April 2 and 3, and June 25 and 26. I'll probably start thinking about those over the coming holiday.

Random thoughts, launched by friends' comments on their holiday trips: Everybody seems to hate flying more and more. The food is absent, crap and/or expensive beyond belief, the air quality is awful, the security is the worst combination of stupid and aggressive, and the flights are late and overbooked. Unfortunately, we've formed a cultural mindset that expects us to travel long distances very regularly. The fact that I've been in most of the major airports of North America (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Chicago...) and I'm not that much of a traveller says something about just how prevalent air travel hs become. Why can't we do it right? Why do most airlines slide downhill into a minimum-service mode of operation?

On a related note, I think the absolute worst staff I've ever seen in any sector of work must be the staff at Philadelphia airport. The pilots even refer to it as the Philly Factor. That airport is the worst hole I've ever seen, including the backwoods airport at Quepos in Costa Rica, where they at least ran things competently. Philadelphia airport was staffed by slovenly, uncaring, incompetent louts who, through a lengthy succession of fu--err, foulups, managed to delay our flight for eight and a half hours, shuttling us back and forth from one end of the airport to the other (literally the furthest-apart gates) several times. At one point, they even loaded us all onto a plane, left us sitting on the gate for about an hour and a half, and then brought us back into the airport because of "weather" (I didn't see it). They then assigned the plane to another flight, and left us sitting there watching as the plane we had been waiting in took off for some other destination. Air rage? I got yer air rage right here, mister...

Enough bitching. It's Christmas Eve, and I don't want Santy Claus gettin' the idea that I'm naughty. Or at least, not for the wrong reasons. Merry, safe, and happy Christmas to everyone everywhere... yes, even the staff at Philly. (Maybe a New Year's resolution or two might be called for, though.)
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