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Gaming, and Bulk Order Update

Next weekend: gaming! Cast yer votes for which of this Saturday or Sunday you would be available for! Three reasons for it: one, people can take this as an opportunity to pick up their games; two, I'll have new games to try; and three, it's been too long since I've hosted games!

So it's almost time to get the new games; here's the current order status. More detailed pick-up information will be posted soon, but in general, we will be collecting the goods on Friday, then going to Carleton to deal with divvying up.

ziggy_b: Final total $97.46.
Puerto Rico: $42
Settlers of Catan: $38
Race for the Galaxy: $35

xiphia: Current total $116.11, paid!
Settlers of Catan: $38
Seafarers of Catan: $38
Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Exp.: $18
Seafarers of Catan 5-6 Player Exp.: $18
Tsuro: $25
Black Death, Kremlin and Credo are still on order, but faint hopes!

trippingpossum: Final total $130.52, paid!
Red Dragon Inn 2: $33
Dungeon Twister: $30
Dungeon Twister 3-4 Player Exp.: $33
Dungeon Twister Paladins and Dragons Exp.: $26
Witch's Brew: $32

beable: Current total 296.41$, paid $350.
Imperial: $54
A Touch of Evil: The Supernatural Game: $52
HERO Main Book: $46
Princes of Florence: $38
Saint Petersburg: $32
Arkham Horror: The Black Goat of the Woods Exp.: $28
Tsuro: $25
Bohnanza: $20
Bananagrams: $18
Power Grid: Italy/France Exp.: $15
Power Grid: Benelux/Central Europe Exp.: $14
Power Grid: Power Plant Deck 2: $11
Still on order are Betrayal a.H.o.t.H., Power Grid Korea/China Exp., and Arham Horror Dunwich and Kingsport Exps.
El Grande has been cancelled.

theweaselking: Current total $189.79, paid $190.
Savage Worlds Explorers Edition ( 5 copies) (Pinnacle Entertainment): $50
The Savage World Of Solomon Kane (Pinnacle Entertainment): $46
Pirates Of The Spanish Main (Pinnacle Entertainment): $40
Necropolis 2350 (Triple Ace Games): $38
Slipstream (Pinnacle Entertainment): $35
Sundered Skies (Triple Ace Games): $32
50 Fathoms and Kobolds Ate My Baby Super Deluxx Edition are still on order.

feli_valkyria: Final total $77.18.
Conan: The Roleplaying Book: $36
Call of Cthulhu core rulebook: $35
Stygia - Serpent of the South: $27

ancalagon_tb: Current total $118.34.
WFRP: Tome of Salvation: $40
WFRP: Companion: $25
WFRP: Terror in Talabheim: $25
Settlers of Catan: $38
Settlers of Catan 5-6 Player Exp.: $18
WFRP Tome of Corruption is still on order, but looks unlikely.

M.V.: Current total $57.63.
Dominion: $45
MtG Eventide BattleBlitz Deck: $11.50
MtG Eventide Life Drain Deck: $11.50
Pow Wow, Galaxy Trucker Big Exp., and Pandemic are still on order.

E.N.: Current total $20.34.
Carcassonne Hunters and Gatherers: $24
Carcassonne King and Scout Exp. and Metro are still on order.

E.M.: Current total $0.
Aces and Eights is on order.

S.A.: Current total $0.
Fearsome Floors is on order.

ironphoenix: Current total $275.44.
Rails of Europe: $33
Saboteur: $14
Conflict of Heroes: Awakening the Bear: $69
Agricola: $64
Carcassonne: Cult, Siege & Creativity: $6
Shogun: $59
Imperial: $54
Wizard: $8
Bananagrams: $18
Age of Steam, Through the Ages and Power Grid Korea/China Exp. are still on order.
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