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Nightmares seem to be epidemic in Ottawa over the past few days. Several friends have mentioned them to me.

This may or may not have something to do with the recent kidnapping and murder, but for those of you who are experiencing them, be aware that external factors may be contributing to or even causing them. Some of you may be consciously or unconsciously affected by the news of the event; others may be responding to the stadtgeist's disturbed state. ("Stadtgeist": like "zeitgeist", "spirit of the times", but "spirit of the city"; my neologism.) It could even be that the victim's spirit caused what I'll call a psychic shock to people who are susceptible to that in their dreamstate.

Side note: as some of you know, my dreams are largely inaccessible to my conscious self. I'm thus not writing from my own personal experience on this, although I have noticed an edginess (hardly surprisingly) in the city over the past couple of weeks as this story has unfolded.
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