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So, as soul_diaspora posted, we visited The Urban Pear last night for the first time, and were generally extremely pleased thereby.

I started with a very, very rich mushroom cream soup with leek oil and crisped shallots; she started with a mixed greens salad with goat cheese and raspberry vinaigrette. Both were excellent, although by the time I was done with the soup, I was wondering where I would fit the rest of the meal. The salad was also excellent, with the greens and vinaigrette well balanced, the cheese providing an accent to lift it out of the ordinary, and some toasted sesame seeds giving it a bit of texture.

For the mains, she had the short rib, and I went with the duck. Both were very flavorful and not excessively lean, with very well-matched sauces and interesting vegetables and starches. The portion sizes were about what you might expect at That Kind Of Place: enough to enjoy for a while, but not enough to be completely filling without the app and dessert. The wine (whose name I regrettably can't remember, other than it being Italian) recommended by the waiter to go with the duck was quite nice in its own right, but didn't do much either was as a pairing, in my opinion. They do offer a good selection of wines by the glass, though (between a dozen and a score).

The dessert, though, was something else. soul_diaspora was timid, and ordered the flourless chocolate walnut torte; it was competent, but relatively ordinary. I was rather less timid, and decided that I trusted the chef enough to order this:
Roasted garlic, lemon and thyme crème brulée garnished with a smoked honey and cheddar ice cream and a homemade gingersnap cookie.
Yes, I copied out the description because no matter how it came out, I was so blogging this.

It was excellent. Like, really amazing. All of the flavors played off each other, and the mix of subtly different textures and temperatures from the crème brulée and the ice cream worked with it perfectly, the gingersnap lending a very nice finish to each bite.

Besides the cheese plate, there were four desserts, two of them more "standard" and two (of which mine obviously was one) rather more creative. I guess the moral of the story is, try the chef's more extravagant creations and you won't be let down!

As you can imagine, it's not an inexpensive indulgence: even with the Entertainment Card discount (-$25), it still came out to $140.
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