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Car, then Games Saturday

There will be games this Saturday, after the Great Volvo Disposal Exercise.

Those of you who are helping with the car, please come around 1:00, and come directly to the garage on the right-hand side of the building. Once we've gathered sufficient troops, we'll get started; the actual operation should take no more than 15 minutes. I've asked for a tow truck to come for the car at 1:30.

Games will start around 2:00, by which time the old car should be happily on its way to its final rusting place. If there's no answer, we may still be dealing with the car, or on our way upstairs; check around the right side of the building (towards the parking garage), then try again if you don't see us.

I have a few new games as yet untried from the bulk order... Nefertiti, Hamburgum and Tannhauser, as well as the Citadels expansion and one of the German card games, Meinz.
Tags: car, games
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