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Recent acquisitions in the music cabinet--I raided CD Warehouse's used stuff on the weekend:

  • Zero 7 - When It Falls - Downtempo chill stuff, kind of bluesy, with both male and female vocalists. The changeup of vocals and the occasional instrumental track make this a pretty diverse disc in sound, although the mood is pretty mellow throughout.
  • Orbital - Blue Album - Very electronic, but less cold and dark than previous albums.
  • Amon Tobin - Bricolage - Crazy stuff, awesome beats and layering of jazzy lines. Probably my favorite of the batch.
  • James Lavelle - Global Underground #026 - Romania - Mostly pretty dark techno/trance: heavy rotation of UNKLE in the mix, and probably pretty suitable for the troubled Balkans.
  • Chameleonic - (self-titled) - Co-produced by Rise Ashen, and it shows (on the same label, too). Similar warmth, but a bit less beat-heavy than RA, I think.
  • MC Mario - Sun Factory 6 - Dance. Energetic, upbeat stuff. Some cheese, but dat's okay too. The 80's are being remixed, with... mixed results. Some remixes work very well, but others are too repetitive, using only one or two phrases from the song, ad nauseam.
  • MC Mario - Mixdown 2005 - See previous entry. Fun track: the Punjabi Vocal Mix of Groove Armada's "I See You Baby" ("...shakin' that ass").
  • Basement Jaxx - Rooty - Quirky, mixed styles, kind of poppy, and mostly good fun.

The folks from Ravenswing failed to get back to me, unfortunately, so I didn't play there last month. I'm kind of looking for an opportunity to spin some music soon... too much good stuff is piling up, and I want to share it around.
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