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CanGames, and random bits

CanGames was lots of fun, as were the post-Con evenings with dagibbs and others. My RoboRally game and assorted boardgames were well-received, and I got to play a number of good games of various flavors: two RPG's, a miniatures game, and several boardgames.

The minatures game used a ruleset I like, DBM, and refought the Battle of Blore Heath. I commanded the Lancaster side, and managed to do better than the historical general did, although we had to call the game a draw because there wasn't time to fight it out to the end. Both sides' right flanks had collapsed, and the question was whose would get rolled up faster. I think I did a better job of improvising defenses for it, but the outcome was far from certain even so.

The RPG's were also fun: the first used the Skyrealms of Jorune system, which had the distinction of being very alien and non-stereotypical in many ways, and the second was B.'s game, in which I preregister every year. The entire table was current or former concom, so we knew each other well enough to have an even better time with it than the game itself would have normally provided.

The boardgames were generally dagibbs' fault, including notably Wealth of Nations and Roads and Boats. Both of these are substantial games, and deserve a lot more play; I also intend to do some solitaire scenarios of R&B.

The games I ran went well. RoboRally was full in both runnings of 12, and Age of Steam, Power Grid, and Metro were full as well; Medici had 5 players out of 6. This year's RoboRally board was an unfolded icosahedron on a hex grid using special cards, in which players had to collect checkpoints totaling exactly 44 (or one of a set of higher numbers), checkpoints being laid out as the numbers on a d20. It ran shorter than other boards in previous years, with third-place winners completing the game around the 3.5-hour mark; I'll count that as a good thing. People think I'm a bit crazy for running 4 boardgames in a single scheduling slot, but I find it generally pretty hassle-free, just busy. We seriously need to get more Euro-style games into this con, although the Warwick Club folks do a decent job of providing some of that flavor.

A couple of people were sick, so I didn't get any bridge-playing in on Monday, but their health is improving... perhaps there will be another opportunity soon.

soul_diaspora's parents are in town, so the evenings are pretty booked this week, as is this weekend. Lots of good food and good conversation!

Work has its frustrations of course, but also its ego boosts. On one hand, I made a suggestion for how to fix a problem that's been blocking our power supply designer for a few days, and it's showing promise. He commented that I'm one of very few managers he's seen who can actually make useful technical suggestions. On the other, I presented the project status to a director, a VP, and a co-president, and pulled it off well enough to get kudos from my boss (the director). There was quite a lot of preparation for that half-hour meeting!

And finally, my copy of Camerer's Behavioral Game Theory has been returned, and so is available for loan. It's not a light book, mind you. If you're interested, speak up!
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