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New Music

More new music:
  • José Padilla--Café del Mar Volumen Cuatro: Another back issue (Vol. 4, for non-Spanish speakers) of the Café del Mar series of collections. I grab these whenever I find them at my usual used CD haunt. The music is mostly trancy, airy chillout with a Latin flavour.

  • Bombay Dub Orchestra--(self-titled): A very nice double CD on the Six Degrees label, released just this year. As the name suggests, the music is Indian-flavoured fusion, with a large crowd of musicians and various vocalists. CD1 (titled Bombay) is more traditional in flavour, while CD2 (titled Dub) incorporates more electronica elements and gives it more bass and thump.

  • Värttinä--Miero: Peter Gabriel's Realworld label is always easy to spot, and I'll listen to anything I notice with it. I don't like (or buy) everything I hear, but it's just about always good music of whatever kind it is. In this case, it's modern renditions of Finnish folk songs. Musically, it sounds a bit like a cross between Mediæval Bæbes and Celtic folk, but with lyrics that you have no hope of understanding unless you're a native. This might be just as well for many of us, because they're dark songs: the lyrics are given in Finnish and English in the liner notes, and pretty much every song is sad and/or angry. Interestingly, Finnish songs are written not only to rhyme, but also to use alliteration extensively. The resulting sound is quite arresting.

  • Paul van Dyk--columbia ep: I always like van Dyk's work. He has a combination of melodic interest, repetition, and fullness of sound which never disappoints. This ep has some songs and remixes I didn't have before, and felt it was worth the 8 bucks.

  • Scissor Sisters--(self-titled): Hed Kandi's Twisted Disco series of compilations introduced me to these folks. They make strange, catchy electropop, and I want more of it.

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