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Upcoming test

Starting next week, I plan to begin training seriously towards my first-kyu (what would be called a "brown belt" in some arts) test in aikido, which will take place (I hope) in September or (if I or my sensei think it wiser) December. This means that I'll be doing at least 3 classes a week, preferably 4 or 5, for the next few months (although some of them will be consecutive classes on the same evening).

Weeknights will thus be hard to catch me on during this period, since I already have 2 weekly commitments, leaving 3 weeknights available for aikido classes. I know that some of you are away or busy during the weekends, so I won't be seeing you as much as I would like; rest assured, it's not a snub!

This test being kind of a big deal, at least to me, and the last aikido test I'll do in Ottawa (dan-rank tests are done at seminars in Montreal or Toronto), I'll likely invite any interested friends to come and watch it when the date is set.
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