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More music...

Latest from the used CD place, probably all sold by the same person:

  • Thievery Corporation--Versions: The tape-loop reverb and deep bass sound of dub is layered over (or under) most songs in this remix collection. The variety in the choice of tracks to go into the blender is nice, though, and the net effect is a kind of "Global Dub." Emilie Simon's original French version of Desert is remixed on here, which I'm happy about: I've had the English version stuck in my head for a while. Tangent: Translating lyrics is tricky stuff: I'm working on an English version of Kate Ryan's Désenchantée, and I have two stanzas I'm happy with so far. The chorus, though, is proving difficult: "disenchanted" doesn't work with the melody the way "désenchantée" does, so I have to rewrite pretty creatively.

  • Smith & Mighty--Big World Small World and Bass Is Maternal: Dub again, but some of it slides closer to hip-hop than my usual stuff. Good beats, voices (on BWSW) and loops (on BIM) are what drew me in, though. Note on the lyrics content: this is more anti-right and in content than "gangsta," which I would probably not pick up. These seem to be somewhat rare birds, given that they're promo CDs packaged in sleeves, not cases (they have the Distribution Fusion III sticker, so these are almost certainly the original packages). They aren't exactly "new" though: BIM is from 1995, and BWSW seems to be from 1999 or 2000 (no copyright date, but a dedication to Erskine Thompson, d. Jan. 1999).

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