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My schedule is insane:

Tue: Work, RPG
Wed: Work, ilanikhan
Thu: Work, soul_diaspora
Fri: Course, aikido, dinner party
Sat: Course, receive stuff from parents, wedding
Sun: Visit gabriel_le, pezchica, and scubajim, and deliver stuff

I have reading to do for my course on Friday, too.

Somewhere in there, I have to check that my suit still fits for the wedding.

Also, I've offered to help feli_valkyria get some stuff from her apartment to various disposal points.

Receiving stuff from parents may get bounced to Sunday A.M., unless soul_diaspora wants to deal with schlepping the CD cabinet. There won't be time between the course and the wedding.

The following weekend, I'm preaching and there's a games convention... it just doesn't stop!

And last but not least, I'm trying to recover from teh sik.
Tags: life, schedule
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