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Bulk order update, and games!

It looks like we're scoring the 25% discount... here's the listing.

jagash: $220.77
$45 Dominion
$45 Dominion: Intrigue
$42 Dominion: Seaside
$30 Pandemic: On the Brink
$35 Geist: The Sin Eaters (Book)
$38 Immortals (Book)
$33 Armory Reloaded (Book)
Summoners is on order

notsoholygrail: $122.89
$42 Settlers of Catan
$22 Settlers of Catan: 5-6 Player Expansion
$36 Diplomacy
$45 Dominion
Junta and History of the World are on order

zenten: $19.69
$25 Exalted: Book of Sorcery vol. 4 (Book)

ancalagon_tb: $47.25
$60 Rogue Trader Core Rulebook (Book)

beable: $70.34
$38 Fearsome Floors
$45 Dominion
Betrayal at House on the Hill is on order but unlikely

black_cat11: $25.43
$30 Carcassonne

arndis: $0
Exalted 2nd Ed. Oadenol's Codex is on order

gabriel_le: $0
Fearsome Floors is on order; if it's there, it'll likely be $32.21 after discount

In order for everyone to pay me and pick up games, I'm thinking to do games on Sunday, although starting a bit later than usual because I'm preaching. If you can't swing by then, try to make arrangements with someone who will!
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