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CanGames went well

CanGames is over, and much fun was had. I will run my RoboRally scenario for people again sometime this summer or fall, I expect; it went over quite well at the con in both formats (individual and team).

Friday AM
Frantic finishing of RoboRally board. About 10 minutes to spare.

Friday PM
Car Wars 5th Edition board/miniatures demo/tournament. I was the sole survivor, so I got a trophy. I think they dumbed it down just a bit too much from previous editions, but it was the right direction. Including some rules from the old editions would enhance "realism," but this should be limited so that the fairly rapid flow of the new edition can work well. The most glaring omission is maximum weapon range, which made my linked flamethrowers pretty darned good (flamethrowers hit easily because of their spread factor).

Friday Eve.
Anno 1452 boardgame. I hadn't played this before, and found it a good game with one kind of major flaw: it's good to be King! I was king pretty much all game (not by accident, mind you), except for a couple of interregnums, and between that and my knack of marrying well ini pretty much every generation of my dynasty, I just about doubled anyone else's point total. Another trophy.

Saturday AM
GM'ed Betrayal at House on the Hill boardgame homegrown scenario. It went over well, even though it played out nothing like the playtest. In the playtest, the Traitor won after a protracted running battle, and the game lasted about 2.4 hours; in both runnings at Cangames, the Traitor was summarily dispatched by the players within 1 or 2 turns, and the game lasted about 1.2 hours. I think a few copies were or will be bought as a result.

Saturday PM
DBM: Battle of Towton miniatures game. DBM (De Bellis Multitudinis) is a pretty damn good miniatures rules system for simulating battles from 3000 BC to 1500 AD. I've been playing it at CanGames at least once per con for a few years, getting better and fonder of it each time. This was the first time I got a first place finish in one, though. All that time spent sketching possible deployments from column into fighting line paid off!

Saturday Eve.
GM'ed RoboRally board/miniatures game. I'm always flattered by the preregistration for these games. This year's board was a multi-leveled "castle" with numerous magic carpets and pits. Unfortunately, players didn't quite have time to finish before it was time to end for the night, but first place was still pretty easy to call.

Sunday AM
D&D 3.5 RPG: Too Many Heads, Too Few Bodies was the title of B.McD's game this year. I always preregister for his RPG; it's invariably a hoot. I'm not the only one, either: the only other people who managed to preregister were committee, who sign up before the flyers are mailed out. This year's game included a collection of in-jokes, since the theme was CanGames past and present. With so many committee members playing, we had a good time with it.

Sunday PM
DBA: Invasion of the Sea Peoples was advertised as a DBM event, but had been recast as DBA (De Bellis Antiquis) after the playtest. This may have unbalanced the scenario a bit, but our $#!++y dice rolls and tactical errors were also to blame for this battle turning into a rout of Pharaoh's army in about half the allotted playing time. Whups.

Sunday Eve
Pick-up games with B. McD. and assorted others. Much Betrayal at House on the Hill was played; also Condottiere, a clever card- and board-game with similarities to Taj Mahal, but more emphasis on cards than on the board.

Monday AM
Just for the 30th anniversary, they continued to Monday morning, so I ran my RoboRally scenario again, but as a team game this time. (I got the idea for the team game that morning!) This time, it didn't finish either, but they got closer, and the first place finish was still easy to call. Team games are something I'll put some more thought into... this was a very promising beginning. Capture the Flag next year, perhaps?

The shirts for this year's convention were very nice: full colour makes the dwarf much more recognizable, and so I got white and black t-shirts. The trophies are also cool: they got a sculptor to do a 3D version of the CanGames dwarf, and she did a fantastic job with it. The trophies are cast from this piece, so they're really quite distinctive.
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