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It's the one on the right, featherfoot!

It's karting time again!

I'll propose Friday April 30th, in the evening... if you're interested, available, and able to do this, please reply soon so that I can set a reservation! If you're interested but not available, let me know and if the balance tips towards another date, we can adjust.

I'd love to get 10 or more people together, since that would let us reserve the full track for a 40 or 60 minute race ($50 or $70). Otherwise, we can do a 30-minute race for $45 a head. Amigo Karting has a very nice outdoor track, and 9 HP cars for up to 17 people.

Safety notes: this isn't a leisurely drive down the parkway, folks. It's actually exercise, believe it or not, and the vibration can be bad for some people; if this doesn't work for your body, don't inflict it on yourself. It's also not bumper cars; they will pull you off the track if you go bouncing people around on purpose. All that said, you are very unlikely (from what I've seen) to injure yourself severely in an accident on the track: I've never seen anyone ejected from a vehicle, or seen a vehicle flip or roll, and you are given a motorcycle helmet to wear (compulsory!). Just watch your right elbow: the exhaust manifold is right behind it, and it's hot!

Wear: comfortable clothes without loose flappy bits. I take off my watch and rings, and wear driving gloves; you may want to do the same.
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