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Poker perversions

I play a monthly poker game with people from work; here are a few variants I've come up with to try in tonight's game.

11’s Wild: Any variant. Any combination of cards which add up to 11 can be combined to make a single wild card (e.g. A and 10, or 5 and 6, or 2, 2, 3, 4). (Note that face cards can’t be used for this, and Aces count as 1’s.)

Hearts Are for Sharing: 7-card stud. Hearts are wild, but a player who receives a face-up heart must pass a card to the next live player on their left; upcards stay up, downcards stay down. (Yes, if somebody passes you a heart upcard, you have to pass a card. Like it’ll happen.)

Clubbed to Death: 5-card draw. If your hand contains 1 club, it’s wild; if your hand contains 2 clubs, they’re just themselves; if your hand contains 3 or more clubs, you lose the showdown to any other hand (although you may still try to bluff out the other players). (If all live players have 3 or more clubs at the showdown, best natural hand wins.)

Hi, Jack!: 7-card stud. If you’re dealt a face-up Jack, you must steal a card from another live player. Upcards stay up, downcards stay down. (No, you don’t get to steal another card if you steal a Jack. Nice try.)

Running Wild: Any variant. Suited connectors (cards of the same suit and of adjacent ranks) are wild.

Bird in the Bush: 7-card stud. After the second, third and fourth upcards are dealt, each player may exchange 2 upcards for a face-down card. Only one exchange is allowed per player per round. Players may exchange two pairs of upcards on different rounds, though. (Note that there are no exchanges after the last downcard is dealt.)

Robin Hood: 7-card stud. After the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh cards are dealt, the high hand showing must give 1 card to low hand showing; upcards stay up, downcards stay down. If several hands are tied for highest, each of them must give a card to the lowest. If several hands are tied for lowest, high hand(s) must give each of them a card. Betting starts at the eldest high hand showing after cards are passed.

Slow Show: 5-card draw. After the draw, players reveal cards one at a time, choosing simultaneously, with betting rounds after each set of cards is shown.

Two Solitudes: 7-card stud. Best all-red hand takes half the pot, and best all-black hand takes the other half. Betting starts at the eldest high all-red or all-black hand showing.

ObCopyright stuff: All rights to commercial publication or use of these poker variants are mine; you can play them, but you can't republish them, especially for money, without permission.
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