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Mostly a "note" to myself...

I wanted to write this down somewhere, since I haven't fooled around much with this before.

I found a way to transform a beat in realtime using my CD players. Basically, by using a single cue point and looping it manually, I could turn this:

4   8-8-8-8 4   | 4   8-8-8-8 4   :||

into this:

4   8-4   8-8-8 | 4   8-4   8-8-8 :||

(4's are quarter-notes, 8's are eighth-notes, bold is a big drum, underline is the kick, plain text is a smaller somewhat snare-like drum, and italics is a kind of screech)

Clearly, I will have to fool around with this kind of thing more... it can make for very neat live DJ tricks. The latter sounds a lot like the original track, but doesn't feel like it, so it can make a fun intro to get people wondering, "what is that?" It could also be used as a building block in a remix or a new track.

It's old news to the real pros of course, but I'm exploring this stuff on my own, so it's new to me.

(Btw, the original track is the Fatboy Slim mix of Groove Armada's "I see you baby", perhaps best known for the lyric which follows after the title: "--shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass, shakin' that ass!")
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