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CanGames Weekend

Another CanGames down... lots of railgaming (Railroad Tycoon, 1830), and Dominion, and running games. I announced that I'm stepping back from running RoboRally, in order to free up time to run other things; C.o'B. is thinking of taking up the job, since he won quite often, including this year's running.

Bolide was well-liked, but ran way long; I think it was as much a function of the players as the track.

It was good to reconnect with the various con-friends... for whatever reason, there are a fair number of people who, even though they're local, I see only there. Plus, of course, B.McD. and company from Toronto.

The lack of A/C this year (on the fritz) really sucked. I'm still recovering from what feels like heat exhaustion.

I've rolled Dominion: Alchemy into my magic spreadsheet now; it was less work than I feared it might be. Unlike the other expansions, it requires a cluster of cards to work, so I've set it up so that one can select how many alchemy cards to use. 4 seems to be a good number, and 6 is probably the maximum.

I hope my aikido schedule doesn't preclude me going in future years!
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