ironphoenix (ironphoenix) wrote,

Vacation, part 1 of n

How can you tell when you're leaving Pennsylvania? The sign that says "END ROAD WORK"! Ba-dum-pssh! But seriously folks... we lost an hour to traffic slowdown (single lane for miles and miles) on I-81 in PA. A local told me it's been like that for months.

I managed to get a (mild) sunburn before we even got here, thanks to overlooks and hiking in Shenandoah National Park en route. Yes, I do have lots of Scots and Irish heritage!

The weather here is Hot. Even locals are complaining.

Why, in Ottawa, an urban area of about a million people, can we not have even one really good Mexican restaurant? Mexican food, even fast food, here is plentiful, cheap, and good. In Ottawa, "passable" is as good as it gets.

I think it'll take me a few days to spin down from work etc... my subconscious isn't here yet.
Tags: life
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