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More musics!

Groove Armada--Black Light: Much less hip-hop and house flavored than their previous releases, this is electropop/electro-rock, with maybe some New Wave flavors. I can easily imagine hearing some of this on Live 88.5 in Ottawa, for example. It's the most mainstream-sounding of the CD's I bought last week, but it probably won't get much attention because of the pigeonhole a lot of folks have put GA in.

They deliberately let their darker side out in this album; previous releases have been more laid-back and/or party-orieted. There's a moodiness that comes through overall; there seems to be some hurt and anger behind some of this stuff. It's not my usual flavor, but it's well-done stuff.

There are a lot of collaborative bits on here, as they work with other musicians, most notably Brian Ferry, who has done a lot of neat collaborations over the years. As a result, the sound varies quite a bit over the album, as it does on their other albums. Even though it was the disk I hesitated most about buying, I'm happy I did, and it seems to have grown on me well.
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