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Peace Repackaged

The bottles are all empty; the potion’s gone
Powers promised like the dawn
It just won't carry on
I leave the empties on the doorstep to be filled by time
Is he a wizard or a teacher? Is she a friend of mine?

I left a note and signed with haste
“Give me a packet of peace to taste
And if you're willing, an extra crate
Of any power to combat hate”
Cause though I heard that hate brings pain
And I need love to take the strain
A parcel of extra blessing
To keep my days from guessing

Oh teach me, the words won't turn the way I ask them
Oh reach me, show faces true before I pass them

And all the world is out of key
And it shrinks inside me
So many faces to be friends
When all the madness ends
I'll leave my mind beneath the mat
So you can let yourself in
If you can stand the mess then stay
But I'm not entertaining

I feel the richness of our days
Are like smoke to hold
I'd make a paper heart to love you
If I knew where to fold
But I must sit and just keep trying
Until I see the shape I seek
Because I must learn to sculpt the strength
For everyday that I'm weak

Oh teach me, the storms won't turn the way we aim them
Oh reach me, the dreams grow wild before we tame them
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