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New Music

This weekend's hits:
  • Linkin park--Meteora: I finally found a copy of this disc, which ms_danson introduced me to some time back. Quite a bit harder and less electro than my usual style: mostly heavy guitar, bass, drum and voice, a bit of scratching, but no discernible keyboards. Some spoken-word lyrics are mixed in with standard hard-rock and grunge style. It works well, although I have to be in the right kind of mood: chillout it isn't.

  • Vanessa Daou--Slow to Burn: The cover art is a bit misleading on this one, I find: the très chic french woman fashion-shoot collage suggests either cool french cafe stuff or poseuse chick-rock. Nonetheless, I'll listen to anything once. What I heard was Morcheeba-esque warm vocals and melody, with a somewhat bluesy flavor. Is there a genre called warmout?

  • SSI--E Pluribus Unum: This is a purist's electronica, the stuff I can space out to. It's strongly influenced by Jean-Michel Jarré's work, even to the point of using the album title with roman numerals as the only track designations ("E Pluribus Unum I", "E Pluribus Unum II", etc.). The main differences are the slightly stronger use of percussion and the sound of the more modern instruments.

  • Boards of Canada--in a beautiful place out in the country: This EP has only 4 tracks, but they are very easy to like. They aren't quite as formless as BoC's early work, but keep the abstract, elemental sound and the old-school synths. This is surprisingly warm for something so minimalist, I find.

  • Hardkandy--How Do You Do Nothing?: More bluesy chill. Nice use of samples and assorted jazzy instruments and vocals. The bonus track tucked away a few minutes after the end of the last listed track is particularly fine jazz.
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