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The Trudge Report

NCC Path 53 and 53A: Mer Bleue long loop, South and North sides respectively.

The sign for 53A says, "Seasonally wet." We took this to mean, "Some flooding during Spring runoff." What they really meant was, "Path is underwater during seasons with 6 letters. And it's called 'Autumn,' not 'Fall.'" (Kudos to soul_diaspora for coming up with that on the spot!)

My hiking shoes are waterproof, but once they're sinking into saturated ground past the ankles, it's game over.

Fortunately, we did the South side first, and it was much drier except for the Westernmost couple of hundred meters, so it was still a nice walk overall.

The silver lining was that we were tracking a moose in the wet side, which I successfully identified and timed from tracks and scat. We got close enough that we heard him and saw the bushes move, but since we were coming crosswind, he scented and heard us before we got close enough to see him, and moved off into deeper marsh.
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