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Murray St. Restaurant is a hard-to-notice little place next door to an old favorite, Sweetgrass. soul_diaspora and I tried it last night, and found it very good, meaty and filling. The cuisine is built around local and sustainable ingredients, with a big emphasis on Meat. The decor is warm, woody, and dim, with an upscale modern pub feel; the crowd seems to run mostly in the fortysomethings, ranging up two and down one decade. Music was low but rather harder-rock than one would expect at a fine dining place; all in all, it made for a rather masculine space.

I started with the duck wings with an espresso BBQ sauce. Three duck wing "drumettes" is a whole lot of meat... next door, it would probably count as a main course! The duck's taste was strong enough to contend with the sauce, where chicken would vanish under it; the result was something between chicken wings and beef rib. I had already started on a local Kichesippi Natural Blonde beer, which went along quite nicely with the sauce's sweetness. For the main, I had the farmer's special, a pasta with lamb, mushrooms, and a few greens in a jus-based sauce which was heavenly, and ample enough that some came home with us. The server recommended a Cotes du Rhone wine, which paired quite well, cutting its way through the substantial density of the meal to deliver much-needed relief to the palate. The reason for bringing some of the pasta home was to be able to enjoy a dessert, of course. I chose the "On Tap", a beer spice cake with beer gelato, beer icing, and beer nuts; it was quite good, although the icing was too rich to finish! The beer notes were not as strong as the description might suggest, and harmonized well with the spice cake.

Our only hangup was that the server, while efficient and helpful, seemed a tad more distant than we prefer. Nothing we can take umbrage at, just a bit cool.

soul_diaspora wrote her own post about her meal, so you can read more about the place there. Overall, it was a pleasant evening out, and we'll likely be back after working off the pounds we gained last night!
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