ironphoenix (ironphoenix) wrote,

As pointed out by fairestcat...

...the poor service quality on LJ due to the DDOS attack is exactly the wrong reason to leave LJ. Not that there aren't good reasons why folks might want to leave, but now is not, in my view, the time. Here's a good explanation of what the DDOS attack seems to be about. In brief:
[P]eople who grumble about "the Russians" taking over LJ should remember that in Russia, LiveJournal isn't just the top blogging platform, it's the blogging platform. It is Russia's free press. It is the tool being used to fight corruption and advance the cause of democracy. And, more practically to LJ users, the Russian-speaking sector of LJ is the reason LJ is still there at all.
I don't want to send the message that thugs can encourage me to help screw LJ over for them.

(Fairestcat's DW post is here.)

ETA: Another good article linked by shyska!
Tags: lj, politics
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