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And the new hot game is...

7 Wonders!

My copy has now been played over 10 times with various groups, and I think I can declare this the best game since Dominion, at least.

For a summary of what the game is about and how it works, I'll refer you to the above link to BGG; here's my review of what I like and don't like about the game, which is not on BGG.

- Mix of strategy, tactics, and luck; more strategic players are likely to do well, but aren't assured of a win
- Wide group size range (3-7, with a 2-player variant)
- Short play time (~45 minutes, including setup and cleanup)
- Moderate player interaction, with no directly destructive interaction
- Very nice artwork
- Quite easy to learn
- Good replayability (setup factors and card shuffles make each game quite different)
- Basic version is good, advanced version adds factors once basic is mastered
- Rules are clear and coverage seems complete
- Box stores components well; 4 rubber bands are useful additions
- Excellent pacing, even with maximum players; downtime is not a problem

Cons (all minor, in my opinion):
- Setup and cleanup takes a little time because of card sorting
- Hard to see how there can be a lot of good expansions for this one
- A rules gotcha that catches most people at least once: players aren't allowed to build a duplicate of a building they already have
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