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House update

We're gradually settling in, acquiring curtains and little random furniture things, unpacking, etc. I've been walking to to work several days each week; it's about 25 minutes one way. Next year, I'll likely get a bike, but it's too late in the season to feel right at the moment. We're learning all the things to take care of, filling out warranty forms for the house, and so forth; it's somewhat daunting at times, but nothing has collapsed yet.

The biggest hassle so far was the washer-dryer set. We have a laundry closet on the top floor, which is convenient because that's generally where the stuff to be laundered is. This requires a stacking washer-dryer set, which limited our choices somewhat. We bought the smallest-footprint set we could get, since we wanted to be able to reach the controls, and arranged for delivery and installation a few days later.

Pause to consider how a laundry closet is set up: it's a closet just a little bigger than the machines themselves, with plumbing and electrical hookups on the back wall, and a catchment pan with a drain on the floor in case of leaks: water running down inside walls is a catastrophe for a house, so this is an important fail-safe.

When the delivery folks arrived with the appliances, they discovered that the pan was too small, or at least set too far back, for the stack to be installed with room for the dryer vent ducting. They thus left the stack in a then-empty bedroom. We contacted the builder, who sent the plumber a few days later to take measurements for a new pan.

A few days after the appliances were delivered, beds were to be delivered; fortunately, as it turned out, the bed which was to go into the bedroom where the washer and dryer were was delayed, and would only be delivered later. Still, by the day of the move a few days later, the washer and dryer were still smack in the middle of the bedroom. I thus enlisted the movers to help with taking the stack apart (which wasn't trivial) and putting them in the laundry closet for storage.

A few days after that, the plumber came back with the new pan. To install it, of course, we had to move the washer and dryer back out of the closet; fortunately, there was room in the master bedroom to store them.

We called for installation again, and a few days later, a team arrived. They looked at the situation, and explained that they couldn't install it because the hoses were too short; nobody would be able to connect the hoses and then get out of the closet to put the appliances in. We contacted the supplier, and they promised to send another team a few days later, with a longer hose kit, to complete the installation.

The new team arrived on schedule, however sans hose kit. After some back and forth, "it was decided that" they could install the appliances if we didn't need the dryer steamer. We didn't know at the time, but the dryer we bought has a feature for steaming clothes, for which purpose it has a water hookup. We promptly decided that we had no need of a steamer for clothes, and told them to please make it so.

If you've been counting, the phrase "a few days" appears seven times in the preceding paragraphs. That really starts to add up, both in time and in frustration. We've hit up several folks for laundry in the interim, and it's been rather less than convenient; happily, the troubles appear to be over, and we can finally do laundry in our own castle!

We are greatly enjoying having our own place; the reality has taken time to sink in, because of the magnitude of the change. The next major furniture deliveries will go a long ways towards filling the place out, as will the rest of the curtains; once that's in place, we'll be a bit more "guest-ready".
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