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Vacation and miscellaneous

I just got back Tuesday from a 2-week vacation, and enjoyed the relaxation immensely.

We went down to visit soul_diaspora's parents in Virginia, and then from there went with them to a cottage on the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a week. Principal activities were reading, Scrabble-playing, eating, boogieboarding, canoodling, movie-watching, chatting, cardplaying, and minigolfing, in no particular order.

Early flights on United and long layovers in Chicago resulted in hassle-free travel for once; we're getting to know the tricks of the trade when it comes to avoiding missed connections, lost luggage, and general airline annoyances.

Boogieboarding was fun... there were a couple of days of pretty heavy-duty waves (at least for us amateurs), thanks to a shift in the wind from Southerly to Northeasterly generating crossing swells. Caught a few of them, drank a couple of others.

In other news, we bought a new monitor (flat-panel widescreen) for our computer because our old Sony Trinitron finally died just before we left (screen goes red within a minute of startup, and the monitor shuts itself off). The new monitor is tres joli, and provides an incentive for us to finally get the New Computer we've talked about for years so that we can use it to its full potential.
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