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Martial arts news

I'm working on getting ready for my ikkyu test in aikido; this is the last test before shodan (first degree black belt), and the last one I will take at my home dojo. It's a technically demanding test, and a psychologically tough one too: there have been a lot of hard acts to follow at this level. My "grid" of techniques for each possible attack is becoming more settled, but I haven't fully internalized it yet. I may be ready this month; if not, hopefully in the spring.

Friday evening classes at the dojo have recently been converted to kenjutsu classes: a student from Edmonton is teaching Shinkage-Ryu Kenjutsu, a style of Japanese weapons technique which dates back to the Warring States period of 450 years ago. It's quite different in flavor from aikido, but there are many connections as well. Our aikido weapons practice is now mainly integrated into the other advanced classes.
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