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I think I see...

...why folks with full-time jobs and houses hire housekeepers. There's kind of a lot of stuff to do, and after an 8-hour workday, some other evening activity (e.g. aikido), and supper, there isn't a whole lot of time and energy left.

(soul_diaspora is out of town visiting her family for a couple of weeks, which is why this comes up!)

I'm managing, though. The driveway is shoveled and salted, groceries got, bathtubs cleaned, bird feeders reloaded, suppers cooked, kitchen cleaned, and I got out to the Carleton Strategy Club Wednesday, aikido Thursday, and kenjutsu yesterday.

Still, today should be manageable... I have to drop off a cheque to the residents' association, go to the bank1, and spend the evening with mom and ilanikhan. Oh, and shower, dress, eat lunch, etc. (That last part may come earlier in final version of the plan.) With the RPG being canceled today, I have lots of time, and will probably spend a couple of hours spinning tunes2 and/or playing computer games. Tomorrow, I'll likely go to church, and then go for boardgames at a friend's place.

1: Yes, exactly like that.
2: It's a bedroom DJ thing, except that I do it in the living room where the stereo gear is. I don't generally get to do much of this when soul_diaspora is around, because much of the stuff that I play isn't so much her thing.
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